Attachment parenting is not all or nothing, you can mix and match to agree with your lifestyle. The seven baby 'bs' (Dr Sears) are birth bonding, breastfeeding, baby wearing, bedding close to baby, belief in the language and value of a babies cry, beware of baby trainers and balance. Sometimes you can't do all the baby bs (if you formula feed co-sleeping is not recommended) but you can adapt to suit your lifestyle (an example, use a co-sleeper cot).


Here are some parents views on what attachment parenting means to them;


"I am very fortunate to have a really close bond with my son and I strongly consider that AP has facilitated this. I want my baby to know that I will always be there to meet his needs and I hope this will lead to him becoming a happy and confident adult, who in turn will show kindness to others. He is the most important and precious part of my life and I love showing him that every day in my care methods."


"I was an attachment parent before I'd even heard of AP. It's the natural way to parent."


"To me it's about harbouring emotional and physical closeness with my children so they always feel secure and can grow up with the skills to regulate their own emotions."


"That my son's emotional and physical wellbeing are the most important thing in my life and I do not want him to ever doubt my commitment to him. I feel that if I fully meet his needs now then I am providing him with the best opportunity for him to be a well-rounded and happy adult."


"To me it's not only thinking about the short term feelings but considering the man I want my son to be. AP is natural to me and I wouldn't parent any other way."


A little Introduction

Hey. My name is Ruth and I have a son called Alex. I discovered attachment parenting by accident and I am so glad I did. I feel support is one of the best gifts someone can get you and without my friends, new and old, I wouldn't have succeeded in becoming the parent I want to be. I have practiced co-sleeping (and still do for a portion of the night), extended breastfeeding and baby wearing.

I created this group after feeling there was not a group that I really fit into, I didn't want to use cry it out sleep methods and wanted to remain close to my child for the first year of his life. I wanted to meet parents who think like I do and wanted to help others who were unsure what attachment parenting is or need support in their choices.