Meet ups to hopefully restart Summer 2017


Welcome to the website for Attachment Parenting Worthing.


This is a place to find out more about what Attachment Parenting is, get some hints and tips and to find out more about the meet ups that take place throughout the year. It can be difficult when the most natural type of parenting is not 'mainstream'. It is nice to meet and talk to other parents who follow gentle parenting methods and who understand the challenges but mainly great joys that come with following your child's lead in their development.


Here are the 8 Principles of Gentle Parenting:

.Prepare for pregnancy, birth and parenting

.Feed with love and respect

.Respond with sensitivity

.Use nurturing touch

.Ensure safe sleep, physically and emotionally

.Provide consistent and loving care

.Practice positive discipline

.Strive for balance in personal and family life


You can pick and choose the gentle parenting

principles you use for your family.

It is not a solid list you must stick to.

However, we do have the rule

that only things relating

to these concepts are discussed or promoted on

our Facebook page. Thank you